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I received a scam email that used my spoofed TPG email address.

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A few days ago, an email I sent bounced because the IP address, not my email address, was listed as a source of spam "Listed in PSBL". I was able to remove myself from that list. 

Now I have received a scam email to my TPG email address that appears to come from my email address. Clearly I did not send it. 

I don't know enough about how email is sent to read the header of the scam email and understand how my address is being spoofed. I assume others might be getting scam emails that purport to come from my TPG address. Is there something TPG or I can do to stop this happening?



@marbell  I would suggest you change your TPG email password as a precaution, do a malware scan on your pc and other devices on your network.


Get the email header of the spoofed email via screenshot or text, delete the email once done.


Send your concern, the detailed precaution you have done (the one I suggested above) and the email header to so they can investigate this.


Kind regards,

Joseph D