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Loss of email service

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Re: no email access either through TPG POST OFFICE or through usual (20years) Outlook account
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Maybe SOMEONE out there somewhere will be able to 'fix' my problem. Eighteen (18) days ago on 8th January,2019 at 8.19pm my neighbour disconnected/cancelled her account from TPG....AND somehow my email was disconnected/detached/deactivated at the same time. Our neighbour lives at the back of us on a property #38 N***** Streeet (which is also known as 36A or 36B) battleaxe block.

Apparently SOMEONE at TPG saw fit to deactivate/detach/disconnect the email for our service at 36 N***** Street. Now this obviously isn't my fault but after almost twenty years with TPG I am without a useable email service on the *********** email I have used since 1998. During that time we have moved house three times without any problems but now because of our neighbour having a bad experience and cancelling with TPG we are without email access.

My neighbour and I had modems knocked out by lightning on 14th December 2018 and while it only took until 21st December for my modem to be replaced and up and working correctly-thank goodness; it wasn't until 8th January,2019 that my neighbour's modem arrived by which time (as a medical practitioner) she was ropeable and cancelled with TPG.....thus the drama for me arose because SOMEONE inadvertently detached/deactivated/disconnected my email along with her account from TPG. My NBN internet and phone service still work but I rely on my email address for communications with banks, utilities and family overseas and around Australia. I was in the middle of providing essential medical documents and legal documents to my daughter (with a three month baby) in Hawaii when the email service was taken from me.

My understanding is that if an email address is detached it cannot be re-attached/reused!! Despite 18.5 hours on the phone to TPG Technical Support (who now apparently don't work on the weekend!! despite notices saying differently on the website) and communicating/contact messaging and emailing via other email addresses, over 18 days with POSTMASTER@TPG.COM.AU and Technical Support I am still without an email address via or POST OFFICE. Really ridiculous and frustrating. Now my Bank is shutting down some linked cards, billers etc because I cannot access those 'accounts' via a verifiable email address (with password). Talk about going round and round in circles with one foot tied to the floor. All the while I have been charged in advance $79.99 ($10.00 for the delivery of the replacement modem on 21st December and the usual $69.99 for the NBN, home phone (Oz Talk) and email service  it does seem incongruous that I am being billed for an incomplete service with noone able to fix the problem.

PLEASE is there SOMEONE who can resolve this problem IMMEDIATELY. My next step is to complete a complaint to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman and having taken legal advice to pursue that avenue too.

Anyone got any suggestions!!


Hi @adsluct9,

We have responded to your initial post located here.

We recommend to stick on one thread to avoid redundancy and confusion, We have this raised to our complaints resolution team and will chase this up with our Postmaster.


Updates will be provided tomorrow.