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Hi out there,


I have a Nokia 3.4 and I am using the standard messaging app that the phone comes with. For the past few weeksI have been receiving multiple duplicate messages from numbers in my contacts list. This does not happen with every message I receive but most of them. Someone from the other end will send me a new message and a copy of the old one will come in its stead. Some are still recurring weeks later every half hour or hour. I have deleted the cache etc, done a factory reset, turned on/off aeroplane mode. Now if this is a Google bug that has not been fixed it is taking them a while to do so, so the only other thing I can see is that it is something from the network operators end. I am nearing my wits end for a Google operated, Nokia, TPG run phone. Pleae help...


Hi @Shokan


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We would recommend to check with your phone manufacturer to see as to where the problem is coming from. If you encounter an issue with your TPG SIM card, just message us with your TPG mobile number or customer ID.