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New SIM for mobile does not work,

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Changed from another provider and received new SIM a week ago, now my mobile does not work, rang on my landline, was told I need a mobile so they can send me a code, finally they understood that my mobile isn't working, told they couldn't help unless I could use a mobile phone.  Relative used his mobile on Saturday and was told they would run a few tests and ring him back in an hour, waited over 3 hours, no call back. I rang on landline later that day, told still running tests, try again to ring out in an hour and they would ring back.  Again no call back,  I rang again Sunday morning and was told they would make it a priority and someone would call me in 1-3 hours, no call back. I tried again to request a new SIM because surely it would have worked by now if it wasn't faulty, told they have made it a priority and someone will contact me in 1-3 working days, is this the norm?


Hi @99vonnie 


We'd like to check on the status of your Mobile SIM service.


Please send us a private message with your account details.