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New Samsung smart tv disconnects continuously from WIFI (NBN)

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Hi all, 


I have been with TPG for a few years and I have never had a problem with compatibility/connectivity.

Also, I have always had Samsung smart TVs and again never a problem. Nevertheless, I have recently bought a new Samsung tv and when first connected to the WIFI everything looked fine. After a few days though, the TV started dropping the connection intermittently and telling me about IP problems. Now it does it every single time I turn it on and it connects only after rebooting the router (NetComm N300 WiFi Gigabit Router) and stays connected until I turn the TV off. I called Samsung and they did all the testing and I could connect without problem the TV to mobile hotspots, plus all my other devices connect as usual and without problems to the WIFI. Samsung told me that it is a TPG issue so I was wondering if anybody else had the same problem and how it was solved? Maybe the modem I have got is not fully compatible with a new generation TV???



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We had the same queries that was answered before here in our community.


You may visit these links:


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Welcome to my world.  I think the issue is Samsung, not the provider.  I've had a Samsung Smart TV for about 4 years and I had this problem when I had ADSL and was using LAN wireless connection. Every time I had a drop out I had to turn off the TV, turn it on again and wait about 3 minutes before I could re-connect.

I was really looking forward to the drop outs stopping when I got NBN earlier this month but disappointingly the problem is even worse now. SBS sometimes drops out every 5 minutes.  The only difference is that now the TV sometimes re-connects on its own, but most times I still have to turn off the TV and turn on again to re-connect. It's a joke.


However when I connect my laptop to my TV via a HDMI cable and connect my laptop to the internet wirelessly via my LAN I have no problems whatsoever.  I was considering getting a booster or a powerline adapter to improve the signal but my IT consultant said not to bother, as it is an issue of incompatibility between the chips in modern modems and the TV.

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Hi @KatieQ Your IT consultant is correct, it's a very common situation that seems to affect Samsung TV's more than other brands, the firmware that runs the modem and TV has a list of compatible devices embedded in it's code, considering that it needs to communicate with so many possible devices, some don't make the list. It's more likely that the Samsung's firmware does not support the modem in this case, as the modem's chipset was released after the last firmware revision for the TV was released.

Keep checking Samsung's website for updates however being 4 years old it's likely already at the end of support phase.

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The TV I bought had an evolution kit option but Samsung phased them out in 2015, although they were originally promoted as being available until 2016. Samsung re-introduced them in 2018 after consumers who could not get the2016  evolution kit were refunded the cost of their TVs by consumer protection regulators in various countries.  The evolution kit can be bought in Australia but I am unclear as to whether it is designed to improve connectivity problems.  Frankly I think Samsung is over-rated and their call centre service is rpetty hopeless, staffed by operators who in many cases do not appear to have a clue what they're doing.  I won't be buying another Samsung.