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No internet / bad service

Level 2
I don't know what is wrong with your services , you are being unresponsive and ignoring me ,I have been calling almost 2 months about to cancel a bill that you should not charge me ($40 for adapter ,the technician said no charge for this and when I called your customer service did not mention any fees) ,this it was include your customer service. then yesterday I send message to the billing team .. after 30 mins the internet came back .. between I said to them there is money in account you can take $60 but you must return $40 ,you can check my record callings and understand what is . this morning I wake up no internet, are you playing games with me ... seriously ... so now it s time to complain to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman  or you have to solve my problem . I apologiz for the way how i threat you ,because you didn't give me any chance, this being happened weeks .
Lukman el bikai