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Rewards Scam

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I've received a pop-up tricked out with TPG logo and offering a free I-Phone as a loyalty reward.  I'm guessing it's not the real deal and thought I should pass on a warning.

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looks like you guess correctly.



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I see the scam continues in 2019, and the same pop-up with TPG logo offering a free I-Phone appears on the screen. If you let yourself "tricked", then you get a membership to instead of an I-Phone, and if you want to unsubscribe you are sent to, which is their customer service website, and told that the subscription is not found. The web analyzer ( locates it in Panama.

I wonder why since 05-05-2018 (your post) nothing was rezolved.

Level 3

and again tonight(20/6/19).  By chance?  Good timing as I've just gone across to TPG NBN service plus Bizphones


Hi @Ascidian99,


These ads are definitely not from TPG as they are phishing scams that redirect users to other websites.