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Settings for TPG NBN HFC on DD-WRT router?

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Dear experts,


Can someone be so king giving the required settings on DD-WRT router for TPG NBN HFC connection?


Many thanks,



Hi @NCruz


Welcome to the Community!


I'm not familiar with the specific brand or model you provided but the settings you'll need are the following:

  • PPPoE username = TPG username
  • PPPoE Password = TPG account password
  • VLAN ID = 2

We suggest checking with the manufacturer if your device has VLAN tagging or if it's specifically compatible for NBN-HFC.


In addition, your homephone service won't work if you use a 3rd party device.




Level 2

How to use a 3rd party router with TPG NBN over HFC:
(The following settings was adapted from )


1) Setup => Basic Setup => WAN connection type:  (see pic.1)
    1a) Connection type = PPPoE
    1b) Username & password are your normal TPG  credentials:
             username: billsmith
             password: xxxxxxxxx
   1c) Save settings



2) Setup => VLANs:  (pic. 2)
     2a) On the column labelled 'Port', check the box to enable Tagging on port 'W'.
     2b) Save settings 


Next, reboot router.
Now everything should work beautifully. Cheers.


Hi @NCruz,


Thanks for dropping by and listing down the procedures for setting up 3rd party router. This will definitely help the community.