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TPG no service service cut off

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Terrible customer service!!!


ADSL2+ service stopped working on Friday 7th December. Called TPG friday evening waited for nearly 20 answer. Tried again Saturday morning. Operator advised there was a fault in my line and she would refer the matter to the engineering team. I also have a mobile phone account with TPG. I asked operator if I could use my mobile data and have the usage waived/reimbursed until my ADSL2+ was fixed. She said yes I can guarantee this. I aksed her once again to be sure she understood what I was asking and she again confirmed my request.


24 hours later my data allowance (1.5GB) is exhausted and excess charges now apply. Called TPG again to complain and ask why my my mobile data is not being waived. I refer them to the previous conversation (which was recorded and transcripted). I was then referred to the escalation team. Was then told the operator was incorrect, they could not waive or reimburse my mobile data.I was then offered 40GB complimentry mobile data, and then put on hold, after which the 40GB was reduced to 12GB. Was also told that my ADSL2+ would have to be reinstalled as a new connection which would take 5-20 days and I should ignore any request for new connection fees. 


2 days later...still no complimentry mobile data. Now receive a call to say ADSL2+ connection can not be installed any more. So my internet is gone with no warning in advance. Additionally was also told that they reviewed the transcript of my first call and that they concluded that the operator did not guarantee that my mobile data would be waived / reimbursed. Effectively TPG are calling me a liar to cover their operators information error to me. I told them I would like to get the recording and transcript to prove my claim and was told this was not possible.


Absolutely terrible customer service.


It is very disappointing because when my friends complained about their service with "other big telco's" I often bragged to my friends that I had been with TPG for 10 years with no problems. Sadly I can't do this anymore.


TPG was once going down hill. 



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Call the waaaaaambulance!


Hi @NoService,


Welcome to TPG Community!

We have located the account using your community details.


Soon all of Australia will be connected to the NBN and as mandated by the Australian Government the sale of the ADSL service that runs through the legacy copper will be ceased.


We have tried to reconnect your ADSL service, but as advised by Telstra, it is already part of the manage disconnection/force disconnection due to NBN rollout.


Though TPG always aim to provide the best possible customer service, we apologise if this was not your experience.


We can see that our Provisioning Team has been in touch and they have already provided a recommendation on how you can proceed.


Let us know should you have further queries. Thank you.

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Great successfully avoided addressing the main issue. Guess it's time for the telecommunications ombudsman to hear it. The call recordings and transcripts will come in very handy for me!

We can see that this issue has been investigated and you have been advised about its outcome, @NoService.


Nonetheless, we have escalated your concern to our Complaints Resolution Team and a case manager will be in touch via email or a phone call within 24-48 hours to further discuss the matter.

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Can you please tell me the recommendation of the provisioning team? I am happy for you to make this public in the forum. Thanks!

Hi @NoService,


As discussed by one of our Provisioning Case Manager we tried to request re-submission of your ADSL2+ unfortunately it has been rejected due to manage disconnection/force disconnection due to NBN rollout.


Please be advised that TPG do not have control for the installation of service as soon all of Australia will be connected to the NBN and as mandated by the Australian Government the sale of the ADSL service that runs through the legacy copper will be ceased.


This has been raised to our Complaints Resolution Team and currently under assessment; further updates will be provided on Monday as they're only available during weekdays.

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As I previously said, you have avoided addressing the main issue. Everyone I have talked to at tpg is avoiding this issue.
When my ADSL2+ connection stopped working 1 week ago I called for assistance. The operator advised there was a fault on my line. I asked if I could use my TPG mobile data (waived or reimbursed) until the ADSL2+ problem was resolved. The operator said yes she can guarantee this. I have since incurred multiple charges for excess data use. When further discussing this I was told I would be given 40GB or 12GB data until the problem was resolved. I confirmed with the operator that this call would also be recorded, as all calls are.
I have still not received any additional data and I am still incurring excess data charges.
I was given no warning that my ADSL2+ was about to be cut off and I have not been offered an alternative NBN solution.
The customer service has been very poor and misleading.
Fortunately all calls are recorded which will help me with resolving this problem with the ombudsman.
It is disappointing that after 10 years of excellent service it has now become very poor 😪

Hi @NoService,


Our Provisioning Team made an internal investigation and found out that our Staff advised you that we cannot reimburse your Mobile Data Usage. I will pass this to the assigned Complaints Resolution Case Manager for addition reference. Updates will be provided on Monday.

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The recorded conversations will reveal everything that has occurred in the last 7 days. The ombudsman will have access to all transactions.
It is very disappointing that after nearly 10 years of loyal patronage that you treat your customers like this. It is a competitive market.