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Unable to send Email on S8

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I've been unable to send emails on my Galaxy S8 now for a while


Hi @scrac, welcome to the community!


I'm sorry to read that you've been having issues with your outgoing email for a while now. Are you currently getting any error message when you are trying to send emails?


This community link will guide you with the basic set-up of your mobile email client. 




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@Mc_Gerald I get the error, something went wrong while sending the email try again


I have the outgoing port set at 25


I can send test emails to myself just no one else




Hi @scrac,


Thank you for the additional information.


I'd like to arrange a call from our Technical team to further assist you in fixing the issue with the email.


Please PM us with your best contact number and convenient time to receive a all.







Hi @scrac,

Thanks for sending us your details. We noticed that your concern is with the outgoing emails. We'd like to confirm if you're using Mobile Data or Internet at home for your mobile to use the email.

The smartphone unable to send an email due to outgoing mail server that is currently set, you may just need to be updated.

If the smart phone is connected with TPG internet you need to use '' if not, you may need to ask the Internet Service Provider the outgoing mail server setting they are using.

You may also test your email directly to our post office:

Let us know how it will go.

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The problem is both mobile and NBN and is now also an issue on my desktop

Hi @scrac,

The mobile unable to send an email due to the outgoing mail server used to the settings. The outgoing mail server of the mobile email client should be the same with your ISP.

i.e - if the smart phone is connected to TPG you should use '' as an outgoing mail server.

Note: All ISP has unique email server.