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When will mobile data app return?

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I have read through a number of threads here about TPG mobile data and how to check it conveniently.  On my old phone, only broken a few months ago, TPG provided a mobile data app which worked perfectly as a convenient way of checking data usage.  It was still working when I broke my old phone (Huawai P9).  Then the app is no longer available for download and has not be replaced with anything. 

In answer to mobile data app questions in these threads TPG moderators in reply have cut and paste instructions on how to use a desktop site to check mobile data.  Users are not needing to know this, as we already know this.  We are wanting to know why the app was discontinued when it was working perfectly.   We are not asking for anything more.  We are asking for what already has been developed by TPG to be reinstated.  Can anyone at TPG tell customers when this app service might be reinstated.   


Hi @jtgos


Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.

Currently, our Developers are working on improving the new TPG App to support all services that we offer.

The update will be available as soon as they've finished the work required for customer's convenience.



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It’s taking too long!