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Whirlpool: Keep the discussion public!

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I strongly advice people NOT to use this so called TPG Community; ultimately it's just an attempt to limit public customer feedback on Whirlpool.


Keep your discussion open and public, keep it on Whirlpool!

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Hey @MattSpew


Other Telcos like Optus and Telstra also have a pretty healthy Community and a Whirlpool presence. The TPG Community seems like it will be good for more general support issues and a replacement for the old TPG Forum rather than for Whirlpool.

Hi @MattSpew

I do not think about it as limiting feedback. I believe it is another avenue to get in touch, provide feedback or to be part of another community.

I have been apart of WP for many years as a rep and a general user and like all communities they have rules and code of conduct.

As you know the famous WP quote:

"WP is not an official support channel."

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