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Why does TPG not care about 10-year plus customer?

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I have been with TPG over 10 years now. I am 67+ and count my pennies. I am on 50Gb download M plan.

This month, TPG started counting my monthly downloads not from the 1st of July, but from the 28th of June. As it happened I also upgraded my two PCs to Win10 - 64bit, with all the downloads and upgrades which go with that.


I ended up going over 50Gb on the 24th July - and I was immediately throttled back to walking speed. This is so bad, one cannot even download ones email messages from TPG Postoffice. It is basically not fast enough to check the weather. It is absolutely useless.

I tried to convince TPG to show some loyalty in return and re-instate my plan today - the 31st of July - one day early. Turns out they do not give a rat's aaas.

So, I have already signed up to switch to 5G wireless, which will probably commence the first week in August. Yippee, I get to try the first month free, and will cost me the same as my M plan used to, but with unlimited data. So I am tempted to take my free August to find another similar priced provider - and not expect any worse service than I get with TPG.

Level 2

It seems the technical team cannot fix my internet porting unless they have a couple of days. It will be my next cycle of usage anyway, so why would they bother? I just have to wait another day before I can access my emails. Very sorry that my account usage was stuffed up and that my usage was counted over 35 days this cycle. Best we can do is give you two free days or something like that. Well, as the saying goes, TPG, you can shove it where the sun don't shine.
Let's see - if I am not your paying customer for the next ten years, that will give me the satisfaction of depriving you of a few thousand bucks. Even if it means I will have to go through the messy process of changing my primary email address, I think I still win. And of course, I will certainly make sure that I do not recommend your services to all and sundry who'd care to listen, where ever I go.
Have a nice day!


Hi @Christiaan777


We'd like to have a better understanding of the situation and see what we can do to assist you.

Shoot me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number.