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Why is my own website blocked by tpg

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I do understand what u are poinying out but my siye has been up and running for 15 years no issue.  I changed to tpg 2 weeks ago and this morning it stopped me from going or finding the website.  I can go into the site from anyother provider.  It is not a blocked site at all. I reset the modem with tpg today but it did not work. I think there must be some type of firewall with the modem and maybe a software change for the modem.  If i had another modem i would swap them but i do not.

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Your site worked for me on the 20th and today 23rd and I am using TPG NBN. Looks like you have found a solution as you have gone silent last few days? 

However it was fixed, its helps to post the final solution as it can help others who have a similar problem (unless it's too embarassing).


Hi @hobbitdanny1,


Welcome to the community!


We are able to locate your account using your community details and we have seen that this Selective Browsing Issue has been raised to our Engineering Team.


Based on the latest log on the escalated fault, it is still under assessment and investigation. We can see that you have been in contact with one of our Engineers yesterday and advised about the update.

We'll pass this on to them for additional reference, further information will be provided via SMS or Phone call by our Team. Let us know should you require further assistance.



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tpg has found that my log in and password has somehow blocked me from getting into my website. they have given me a temp login and password that works but expires today.  they still have no idea why this is happening

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DIfferent PPPoE login = Different IP address

If a different PPPoE login is working on your end it means that somehow the site have blocked your original IP address.

Do you know your original IP Address?

You might want to check your site or whoever is managing it if your original IP address is blocked from getting into your site.