email outage

Level 3

TPG your email outage has been going for almost 2 days now. Simple not good enough. I understand that from time to time technical issues happen. but when it effects your business is it simple not good enough. time for outage keeps dragging out now almost 2 days when is this issue going to be fixed. As I assume that I will not be compensated for loss of business due to your outage.


Hi @BadDay 


Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.


The outage was caused by a failure affecting the storage system, through which the email systems operate. The failure has meant that customers have had difficulties using the email systems during the period of outage. Our network Engineers are actively working to resolve the issue at the earliest.


We've posted an update here in the community. You may refer to [Update] TPG Email Outage.


Further updates will be posted on our service status page and here in the community.


Thank you for your patience.