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not able to make international calls!!!

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hi, For 2 months (!!) I am having the same problem: not able to make international calls (though they are included in my plan) to mobile numbers in Russia. Any mobile numbers in Russia. Tried a zillion different numbers. No luck. This is very frustrating. Have been contacting TPG technical support every week since then. Multiple times per week. It's getting on my nerves because I am paying for the service that's not working! I see that many people complain on TPG Community web page about exactly the same problem - not being able to make international calls. It means TPG has been having issue that they don't want to admit. Every time I get in touch with Techincal Support they tell me that Network Engineers are working on the problem but NOTHING has been ever changing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abt 2 weeks ago they eventually came up with some solution and I was able to make international calls during 3 days only. Then, in 3 days, the problem came back. I have already replaced the sim card, no change for the better. The problem is still there. I guess this is a network issue.  Since TPG tells me that this is Vodafone that's involved there, I got in touch with Vodafone on my own behalf and described the problem. Vodafone said it looks like some systemic TPG issue because Vodafone provides the towers only. Just wondering when is it going to be resolved. If TPG has a problem they must admit it but not beat around the bush. I have already spent HEAPS of my personal time on the phone with techincal support but everything they were offering to me was doing exactly the same weird tests every time which were not changing the situation and resolving the issue. Am I going to get any compensation for the service that's not working?Waiting for comments from TPG, please.  


Hi @skuchava,


We understand that you are frustrated with the ongoing case of the service.


Our Network engineers are already working on this case and updates will be given once available.


We've already responded to your comment on this link. Let’s keep the conversation under the same thread so we can best assist you.


Kind regards,