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Can't find box/hatch panel in our apartment

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I've just had a technician come to install FTTB into our apartment, but after searching the entire apartment, we cannot find the hatch panel/internet box to extend the connection to the main communications block for the apartment.


I've asked my building manager and he doesn't know where it would be. Is it still possible to get FTTB installed without knowing the location of the hatch panel/box?


Hi @jammyvee 


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and reviewed the notes from our Service delivery team.

Your TPG FTTB order was place in held since the technician was not able to find the IDF (Intermediate Distribution Frame). Our Technicians are not able to install the service if it's not available.


We'll check it further with our Service delivery team and have a case manager call you tomorrow for further discussion.



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Hey BasilDV,


Thanks so much for that - I'll wait for the call!

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That sounds odd because for the site survey to have been completed for a FttB instalation the A and B side of the frame has to be to standard (acma standards) thus labled in a way that an engineer knows the room when the cable goes.. 


I surprised a building manager doesn 't know where the services are, sounds like fob-off. Anyway if you hire your own licensed engineer, in most cases they can access the MDF without permission from the biuilding manager.