Connected without internet

Level 2
I moved to a new address and transferred my existing internet connection to the new address. Its the end of day 2 and no internet connection. Been in the waiting for almost 3-4 hours across multiple calls in the last 2 days to get technical support. But no luck in connecting to anyone yet. What sort of wasted service is this? Taking customers for granted! I need the internet connection sorted by today so that I can work from Monday. Otherwise I'll not waste my time staying with TPG.
The whole reason I didn't want to change the ISP because I thought the transfer would be seamless, but completely wrong.
While I'm typing this, I'm in the waiting for the last 34 mins to speak to someone and been listening to the **ty waiting tone.

Hi @5071196,


May we know if you have already received an email confirmation saying that your service is active? Depending on the type of service and service class of the address, standard installation is within 2-30 working days. 


For reference: NBN™ Service Classes and its meaning


Please send us a private message and we'll check the progress of the service installation.