Connection line faulty

Level 2
Hi, today TPG guy came to our connection and he said that line to apartment is faulty and he cannot fix the issue with FTTB connection. He told us to arrange some private person to fix this who will need $250 to fix that. I checked with property agent and he told that it was working until last week for previous tenant and this is a issue with technician of TPG. Have anyone faced this issue with TPG technician?

Hi @vevekgupta 

I  just  had a quick look into your issue. 
Can you please confirm how many sockets you have in the Unit ? 
i.e. is there a wall plate, hidden in the closet, or above the fridge in a pantry etc,. 

It seems the Tech only traced from the bedroom socket to MDF / IDF and was unable to detect tone. 

Please post photos if possible, when you locate ( ALL )  the sockets.