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FTTB Internet Access Issue

Level 1c
Hi there, I recently got my modem installed and the technician came to help set it up and all. Then I tried connecting to the internet, but it keeps saying that the broadband equipment is waiting to be automatically configured. I tried rebooting the modem but to no avail - it's been 6 hours now as I'm writing this post. Can anyone help? Thanks.

Hi @sherinayoga


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Thanks for reaching out to us. Getting that message about "waiting to be configured" for 6 hours is unusual. Normally, once a service has been installed, the modem may take about 15-30mins for the modem to connect to our server.


I checked your account using your community details as reference and it seems like your service is already working for the last 2 hours.


Would you be able to test your internet connection and let us know if it's working?



Level 1c
Hi there, yeah I tinkered around with the settings a bit and got it to work.

Hi @sherinayoga


I'm glad that you were able to sort it out. Thank you for letting us know.