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FTTB Relocation - Port Availability

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I've recently moved home and requested by phone for a relocation. The operator on the phone told me that this should be fine, but a couple hours later I received another call explaining how I was not able to be connected with an unknown ETA due to a lack of connection/port availability. Could you please explain to me what is the issue? Is it a lack of port in my building, because I was expecting a simple relocation thus disconnecting my port from my previous home ~300m away and connecting my new home.

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Hi @dannykim1,

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I have given your details to our TPG FTTB team to investigate and find out what we can do to get the service connected. I will get in contact with you today to give you an update.



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So... any update?

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Hi @dannykim1, sorry for the late response.


We have already made a follow up with our TPG FTTB Team and the Case Manager will contact you via SMS or a phone call as soon as an update becomes available.