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We are in Fortitude Valley QLD.


We have in the last month had the TPG contractors doing the install in the street of conduit and fibre. This work went directly across the front of our building (footpath boxes clearly identify TPG). I spoke to the contractors and they were of the opinion that our building would be hooked up shortly if it wasnt already. I have checked with the buildig managers and there is no TPG infrastructure in our basement yet.


I'm trying to work out how long this may take.  I need to swap services and I'm reviewing my options at the moment.

I've checked the address search engine and nothing is showing at present. We are on a corner and I know that there is definitely confusion with the telcos as to the street address used. 


Thanks for any advice you can provide.


Hi @ULA,


Welcome to TPG Community!


Please send us a private message with your complete address so we can check the availability of the service.


Here's a link on how to send a private message in the community.


We'll wait for your PM.


Hi @ULA, thanks for providing the address via PM.


As per checking, your address is not yet TPG FTTB serviceable.

We don't have an exact time frame on when a TPG FTTB  service will be available on a specific location, but we are continuously upgrading our Fibre network.  The TPG FTTB service is only available in selected FTTB enabled buildings.


We are giving you the option to put your name on the FTTB waiting list and we will contact you as soon as your location is FTTB ready. You may register your interest here: https://www.tpg.com.au/fttb#fulladdress_input


Let us know should you have further queries. Thank you.