FTTP installation new building

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We are in a brand new building. The NBN box is sitting inside a metal cabinet in a wardrobe.Inside the cabinet are 2 power points and three data points. Picture attached.  There are three data points in the apartment.

I do not understand if I have to somehow squeeze the router into the cabinet, I don’t think it will fit.

Or If I attach the LAN or WAN cable to a data point in the apartment.

Or do I somehow open the NBN box in the cabinet, and run cables to the data outlets in the cabinet and attach the router/modem to a point in the apartment.  

There seems to be clips under the NBN box, but I haven’t been able to open the box.

We expect to have our service available tomorrow and want to use it straight away.  PS we are still waiting for our TPG modem to arrive, but have Telstra NBN modems to use if required.


hoping this makes sense


Hi @Heather 


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It looks like your house has an Ethernet line installed, which is advisable for the NBN FTTP service.


Those Data/Ethernet ports that are installed near the NBN NTD box is possibly linked to the ports available in your premises.


You need to have an Ethernet cable connected from the UNI-D1 port of the NBN NTD box to one of those ports, then look for the other Ethernet ports in your premises. Check if the port is in the best spot for your NBN router, which should be in the middle of the house for better WiFi signal coverage.


From the WAN of the NBN router, it should be connected to the chosen Ethernet port. If the connection did not work, try to use the other 2 Ethernet ports near the NTD box for testing.


The NBN router that we are going to provide you is preconfigured and should be plug-and-play.