FTTP port not available at my home

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I'm currently struggling with a non availability of ports issue at my address. I have received the modem but couldn't find the port to attach the modem. This is really frustrating,

How can I have that port at my home...?

My neighbors have the same connection at their home. They have the port and everything. But why the port is not there at my location...

is the issue in the building itself? or this has to be done by TPG..?

I don't know why the sales department doesn't confirm me that there are no ports available before offering  the plan.


I appreciate if someone from TPG have a look at this issue. 





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I checked your account and learned that the service that we are able to provide you is NBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node). The TP-Link WiFi VoIP VR1600v modem that we sent you needs to be connected to a Phone socket (Same port to connect the ADSL2+ modem). Did you just move to this address? Were you using a different service provider before?


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