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Get TPG FTTB into apartment

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Not sure if anyone knows the answer to this, but i live in an apartment and a few of the residents and myself are looking at the possibility of getting TPG FTTB. My friend is in a building that has it and says its really quick. When i go to the website though it says im eligible for NBN. Can the apartment block still get TPG FTTB or am i stuck on NBN.

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MC, that is a really good question.


Why would anyone want NBN when they can get the glory of TPG FTTB?


In other words your packets go on TPGs network and not the governent NBN.


I believe TPG has a rules where it can build the FTTB network (due to legislation) and if your address does not qualify at present using website service qual then you can register your interest at 


Looking online TPG has a department who speaks to body corps and looks at how viable it is for them to enable your building, here is the advert you may wish to get in touch with them.


Good luck!

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Not available at the moment. Registered my details. Lets see what happens