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Is FTTB a remote install or will someone check that it's working afterwards?

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Does TPG install FTTB remotely, or does someone actually check that it's working afterwards?

I had problems with a previous TPG NBN installation where they installed it remotely and another phone line stopped working afterwards.  They only checked that the new line was working.  Then I had to wait around on the phone queue, and they blamed NBN so I waited around on the NBN phone queue.  Eventually, no one was able to fix it and I left.  Just wondering what other people's experiences were.  Did anyone check that the installation was ok afterwards?


Thank you


Hi @niknah,


The FTTB installation type depends on its service class.


Our Provisioning team will be able to identify if there's a need of a technician visit or just a remote activation. Also, we always provide an email notification with the details of what will happen with the installation/activation of your order.


If you were from an ADSL2+ service and upgraded to an NBN service, then the home phone will not work directly to your wall socket. Your handset needs to be connected to the designated phone port of the modem/router that we've provided.


You may refer to our community article: NBN FTTN/FTTB Setup - General Setup.


If the service is still not working, please send me a PM with your TPG username or customer ID number in order to look into it further.