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It has been 20 days, I'm still not being connected.

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I contacted my case manager today, and she said I need to wait 10 to 20 more days. I'm so upset Smiley Sad

Community Manager

Hi @yidideng,

Welcome to the Community.

I have escalated this to our FTTB wholesaler and the good news is you don't have to wait 10 to 20 more days.

We can get a technician to install the service today or even tomorrow as long as they have access to the communications room (MDF) in your building.

As per our phone conversation ill wait for your confirmation on which day you can have access to the MDF.

Once confirmed ill get the technician to call you to book a time to complete the install.



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Hi Manuel,
I never thought this could be settled such quickly, this forum is nothing but amazing.
I tried to call you back for the confirmation but nobody answered. May I confirm the installation tomorrow? Thank you !
Community Manager

Hi @yidideng,

Sorry for missing the call.

The technician will be there within the hour to complete the install.

You don't have to be home, he will get access to the MDF and complete the work.

He has already set up the service in your apartment the first time he was there.

I will reply back once your service is installed.


Community Manager

Hi @yidideng,

Great news.

We can see the technician has has been there and completed your installation.

Your service is now online and working.


Glad the community could help and if you have any further issues feel free to reply back.

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Hi @Manuel


Yes just checked that, it works pretty well, TY again sir, u did hell of a job.Smiley LOL