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FTTB STILL not connected - and no timeframe available

Level 2

We've waited for 20 days to get FTTB installed - We got a call 2 weeks ago saying there werent enough ports in the building, and that they were installing more before Jan 31. That was 2 days ago, and no matter how many calls I make, they just cannot give me any answer on a timeframe.


Has anyone else had trouble with this? Its very frustrating not to get an answer, considering we've already paid $200 and will need to wait over a week for that refund to come through.


What's worse, is everytime I call, they keep saying it'll be another 24-48 hours before we can get an answer - and that answer is always 'Itll be another 24-48 hours'. I'm currently waiting 24-48 hours to hear how long it'll be before I get an answer on how long it'll be before they can add ports (That's not a typo). 


Also, I still haven't even received the modem.


Good day @skimpallu,


Sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused us. I understand that you were able to speak with your case manager and we regret to hear that you've decided to cancel the service due to port allocation issue.


The refund was already processed on your account.


Kind regards,