My Order No: 6777529 Refers.

Level 2


I was informed that a technician will be attending to install my NBN on 6th April 2020 between 8 am -12 noon. I waited in the house no one visited. I phoned your office yesterday and today held the phone for about 1.5 hours, no one picked up. I cannot call, chat or send email as no one answer from TPG.

I am very dissatisfied with your services so far.

Today I got a message saying "your NBN service is awaiting activation, You are required to connect your NBN modem". To do this I did not receive a NBN Network Connection Device (NCD). I received only the TPG Modem from TPG. Therefore, how can I get NBN with the existing equipment?

Please reply or phone.

Level 2

I also just received a modem and no NCD, but trying to get help forget it.