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I am told by TPG that Iwas Connected to nbn on saturday 13/7/19. Nothing is connected to the house but my service is disconnected now.What do i do now?




Hi @ikatakasi14 


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I can confirm that your NBN service has been installed. Our tests also show that the NBN box is working as it should. However, it appears that the TP-Link modem is not being detected by the system. Please ensure that your modem is connected to the NBN box. For assistance with the setup, you may refer to this guide: NBN HFC Setup - General Setup.




Hi @ikatakasi14,


I have monitored your case and I found out that you have advised our Technical Support Team on July 15 that the NBN box was not installed. We have coordinated this with our Provisioning Department and we were able to book an NBN technician that was scheduled earlier today. We got an update from NBNCo informing us that the technician completed the installation of the NBN box. We can see that your modem has been connected for more than 3 hours already.


Let me know if you still need further assistance.