No Internet access

Level 2
Computer says I have internet access but every time I try open a site it says the site can’t be reached. I run a Windows Network diagnostic and it tells me my modem is experiencing connectivity issues
Level 2
Just to add, I’ve reset the modem and all the usual first steps you get recommended

Hi @Braydenmedhurst,

We can see that your router is not connecting to our server and you may need to manually configure its settings.

This support link may help you configure the router :

1. Select the type of Router and Model. For TP Link C1200, please select the right Operating System as well.


2. Click View and you will be redirected to a PDF File.


3. Look for "Configuring Router". This will guide you in manually configuring the router settings by the use of your TPG username and account password.

Let us know should you need further assistance. Thank you.