No wall socket

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Hi yesterday I spoke with a lady from TPG about no wall socket issue for my internet modem. She said I would get an email about appointment with a technician from TPG. However I am still waiting for the email. Could you double check for me or will take more days for the email?

Hi @jinny5861


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We located your account via your community details. It seems like you relocated your service to a new address. From what I can tell, the order was already completed since this only requires remote activation.


The address shown in the order was classified as Service Class 13. That means to say that your location previously had NBN service which means you should have an existing phone socket already.


From what I can tell, we have three possible cases:

  1. The socket may be in a location you're not aware of. You might want to check with your real estate or landlord.
  2. The house might have been renovated and the internal wiring may have been stripped out including the actual sockets. If that's the case, you'll need to hire a private technician to install the phone socket since this is a premise issue. We don't send a TPG technician for this kind of repair.
  3. This could be an address mismatch. Kindly PM us your exact address so we can check with the system if it's correct.




Hi jinny5861,


We've checked the account and was able to detect that the internet is already working.


It seems that the wall socket issue is already fixed.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,