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Phone line was not installed for internet Data connection to Property for New line

Level 3

Dear TPG


Kindly note after a 5 visit from the NBN Techician, i was advised that a phone line was for my internet connection was not installed and due to a mix up with the building split between STudio 12 A (Current where I am staying) and Unit 12 A (My Neight with a different ISP) the NBN line was always dropping when each of us try to connect to the line with our Modems. [I thought this was part of TPG check during registration and have also emphasized my address during the 2nd connection when we identified this issue in Feb.


Please can you advise how soon can a new Phone line be installed to my flat Studio 12A, and any costs to please give me the invoice so we can speed this process and not cause any inconvenience to my neighbor or myself in trying to connect to the NBN network?





Could you please send me a PM (private message) with your CID (customer identification number) or UN (Username) or your mobile phone number.
So I can look at this service for you.
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Level 3

Hello Bryan


Is there any feedback on this request or a date  when a phone line can be installed?

I believe the ports are already available but just needs yor TPG technician to connect a new phone line.