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TPG FTTB Installation Delay - Order No 6130515

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I signed up for TPG FTTB on 30th January 2018, order number 6130515.

I received the courier with router within two days but still waiting on the installation to happen even after 3 weeks.


Whenever I call the customer service I'm told that there is an issue with port allocation and that no timeline can be provided on how long it would take to resolve.


Please could you help in expediting the installation process. My building addres is 283 City Road, Southbank 3006


Saji Mathew


Hi @sajilukose,


Welcome to the community!


The installation is still within time frame. FTTB application takes approximately 10  up to 20 working days.

Our Provisioning Team will send you SMS/Email once new update will be available.



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Thanks Shane for the response.


Today is 18th working day since my Installation order request made on 30th jan 2018. So hopefully I'll have my TPG FTTB connection set up before end of next week i.e. 2nd March (which will be 24 working days)





You're always welcome @sajilukose,


I will keep an eye on this and relay you details for any updates.