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Unable to access

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This is a weird one, but I am unable to access (website) from any browser on any machine on my TPG fibre to the building connection. resolves correctly to but any request times out.


All other domains as far as I can tell resolve correctly – this is the only website I can't access.


Any ideas?


Hi @curmi


Welcome to TPG Community! 


We'd like to further investigate on this matter. Kindly follow the instructions below : 


  • Perform a Pingtest and Traceroute to the website you're having issues accessing using your TPG service
  • Send us the screenshot of the test results

We'll be waiting for your response. 


Kind regards,


Level 2

Hi Thea.  Attached are screen shots.  I would have thought, given the traceroute, that the modem is blocking that IP for some reason, but I can see no reason for that.  Ping shows timeouts.  Weirdly every other site I try works fine, just this one.


Thank you @curmi, for sending the needed test results. 


I've now escalated this to our Engineering Team for further investigation as to why you are unable to access the said site.  


They will contact you within the day, on the mobile number we have on file, via SMS or call to provide updates. 


Kind regards,

Level 2

Ok.  A factory reset of the modem and setting it up from scratch seemed to fix the issue.


Reloading the old config (which used the modem in bridge mode) seemed to break it again.


But I think that is ok, since I'm going to replace the modem soon.  So I think we'll close this off as being a modem glitch.




Hi curmi,

We're glad to know that the service is now working fine. In case you will have queries in the future do not hesitate to open a thread here in our community.


Let me know should you require further assistance.