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I am a member of a University of the Third Age (U3A), an organisation which is designed for retirees to maintain an active intellectual engagement in life.  This organisation is world wide and its credentials have been proven to be impeccable over time.


As a committee member of a local (New South Wales) U3A I am responsible for the organising of  the membership data and also for a self designed web page.


I have built a database for the membership which consists of an Access front end with a PostgreSQL back end.  In this database I have created a bulk mail facility that, on testing (only about 10 addresses so far) seems to be working as it should.  This facility can handle attachments (any number, theoretically) but the most I think we would ever need would be 2 attachments at only 4 to 6 times a year.  These attachments would be in the .pdf format always.


The number of addressees would be in the vicinity of 470 to 500 individuals.  We would use this facility for a maximum of 10 times per annum which includes that 4 to 6 mentioned above.  There is a 1.5 second per email delay built into this facility so that hopefully a smooth sending of these emails can be facilitated.


My questions are these:

1. Does TPG have a policy of blocking bulk mails?

2. Could our organisation have a separate account dedicated to this?  If so, how much would it cost?


Thank you




Hi @robinwin ,

Welcome to the community!

If you are sending e-mails to a large number of recipients (Exp: More that 50 recipients) please enable the SMTP authentication on the e-mail client settings to avoid getting banned by the server.

Our mail server will only allow a maximum of 300 email recipient per batch, if it exceeds you will experience SMPT authentication restriction.

Note: You also need to consider the file size of the email attachment POP3 and IMAP can only handle up to 20MB attached file.

If you require to send an 470 to 500 emails. We recommend to do it by batch. 300 recipient per batch and It is best if you give 15mins interval before you send another batch of 300.

Note: Ensure that SMTP Authentication enabled and you're sending from a TPG connection (connected via TPG service).


Let us know should you require further assistance. Cheers!