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Can’t Reconnect

Level 2
I had to reset my router to fix a streaming issue. However, now I cannot reconnect to the internet. There is no NBN outage in my area. I have a TP link Archer VR 400 modem. I have entered all the correct login information and followed the instructions on the TPG website but it still won’t connect. I’ve been on hold for help for over an hour. I don’t know what to do.

Hi @bruehlerfam . The main settings are PPPoE, username and password. The only other setting is VLAN ID, which depends on the type of NBN connection and the plan you are on.

FTTP connection or Data Only plan does not use VLAN ID. Superfast and Ultrafast do not use VLAN ID.

Other connection types on Bundled NBN/VOIP plan do use VLAN ID.

Level 2

I’ve got all the settings correct but it still won’t connect. This happened previously with a modem reset but it was several months ago. The agent I spoke to had to do something, but I couldn’t get through on the phone tonight.