Cancel TPG NBN

Level 2
Good evening TPG team, I would like to have my account cancelled. I am off contract and wish to switch providers. We haven’t had a properly working connection since June 2018 and we will not be happy if billed for another month when the service is not actually usable. Many times over the last couple of months your tech team told me a technician would be called out to check the connection again but no one has called or visited my house and I keep calling and your phone technicians, only to be told they can see the line is dead. This has been going on for over 22 months and I have been paying full price for a 50Mbps plan that rarly works or gets over 10Mbps when it does connect. I have given you every opportunity to keep a loyal customer that’s been with you since 7th June 2004 but I think it’s time for me to leave as it’s clear you cannot resolve my concern. Please process my disconnection.
Level 2
Please confirm the cancellation of my account. I have left messages and made dozens of call. Please confirm ASAP. Thanks