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So... I signed up for to an NBN50 plan with Oz Talk after using your ADSL service with the equivalent phone service for many years.I was surprised today to find that I had been billed with a top up charge for my home phone which claims to cover All National and mobile call within Australia. On calling your billing department I was told it was because the service doesn't include 13 or 1300 numbers, which these days constitue most business contacts (Including I might add You!). It might have been nice to advertise this exception on the OzTalk supplement of the NBN signup page. This was never a problem with my phone service on the ADSL plan and I'm less than amused that the landline service is now almost worthless. You've learned well from those fraudsters at Vodaphone. Very disappointed.


Hi @henge1,


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We're sad to know that you feel that way. I was able to locate the account using your community and we believe that when you requested to change your plan in May, you were informed the features of your new plan and it includes the $10 oz talk. 


On the other hand the 13 or 1300 numbers does not include to the add-on services details are posted here (


Let us know should you require further assistance.



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The actual display on the signup page did not display the fact that 13 and 1300 numbers were excliuded unless you actually put the mouse pointer on the line claiming "Unlimited Local calls". I think this is a less than honest approach and perhaps you need to rectify this. Due to the fact that most of the landline calls I make are to businesses such as my bank, insurance and utiliies it renders the Oz talk add on of little use and pretty much a waste of money. Much like your repeated attempts to make me move to Vodafone I find this yet another reason to rethink my patronage of your services and once my contract ends (I will be  and I now regret opting for this) seeking alternative provider for NBN and Mobile phone services.