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I need access to my account

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I really need to talk to someone at tpg, I Mean I need help to access my tpg account that I have been locked out of due to the fact i did not enter my mobile phone into my profile.

I have been in contact with Privacy. They want me to send my info which i don't have a problem with, BUT they also ask me to email a Photo/selfie of me holding my photo ID.

I find this rather strange in fact I feel this is the sort of thing a scammer would ask for. I am not prepared to do this because of security reasons. when i do contact them all i get is the same email request so i feel I a'm talking to a robot

I find this quite bizarre TPG take my $80 every month but will not allow me into my account to make any.

adjustments... PLEASE send me a phone number of some one I can discuss this with


Hi @gazza82


We can understand your point on sending your personal details to our Privacy Team. We'll have one of our case officer from Customer Relations Team to discuss the matter with you. Kindly message us with your TPG customer ID/username along with your preferred callback number and time. 

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