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Internet not working NBN

Level 2

My internet has stopped working 3 days ago. Was very difficult to call TPG on phone.

Eventually did, they did some tests and said its OK from their end.

Shows as working on my TPG app too.

But Wifi and wired internet to desktop don't work.

TPG said they will send a new 'NBN wireless router' which will take a few days to arrive.

But I don't think that is the problem: because when I disconnect the yellow cable (which goes to the router) from the NBN box and connect that port from the NBN box directly to the desktop computer, it still does not work.

I am lost and frustrated.

Can anyone help?

Level 15

Hi @Edbo . What type of NBN box do you have? What lights does it have on?

When the router is connected to the NBN box, what lights does the router have on? What model is router?
Any change to lights on NBN box?

When you connect your computer to ethernet, does the corresponding LAN light come on? 

Does the computer get an ip address?  Do   ipconfig    command on computer.

When you connect a wifi device, does the device report an ip address?