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My TMC Email Transfer

Level 3

hello, my first post here at Community ......

can someone HELP me here ?


on the 2nd August this year i Opted-In to have my email transferred to TMC - almost 3 months ago !

and i haven't heard anything from anyone yet about being transferred.

the day i Opted-In, i received a msg "SUCCESS - your TPG Email has been registered to be transferred" 


my email - WHICH i have had since 1997 is still hosted at TPG !


when am i to be transferred ?

can someone please help me here - i am getting worried as all my internet dealings (and LIFE !) are tied to my currunt TPG email address !


thanks ......... Robert


Hi @Cycleman2 


The transfer has started since mid October and it is done by batch.


Since you've already opted-in and it was successful, then you'll get notified once your account has been successfully migrated.


We don't have an ETA, but a notification will surely be given.



Level 3

Hi BasilDV Moderator....

thanks for your reply and info.

i just assumed the transfer started half way thru September.


so, all good .... i'll sit tight till i get notification from TMC !


thanks Rob


You're welcome, @Cycleman2