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HI I have requested to Install NBN at my property on 10th March( and paid for installation etc) and were informed it will be activated within 4 days. On 30th March I got another email stating within 2 business days a technician will arrive and have NBN running. 

I do understand the situation with coronavirus and all but why would you give me false hopes I have used up all my data on phone and ending up paying alot more than what I should be paying monthly for TPG connection because I am working from home.


Please look into my installion and have it up and running without anymore bull** or atleast reimbusre the payment that was made for installation so I could get some other ISP to install my internet as this has been an absolute rediculous experience. 
Your telephone support is down, chat does not work and you dont care enought to reply to emails.



Hi  osamazte1,

I am sorry about the delay, just checked your details with NBN.

Your installation status in progress,

you should good go online once NBN finished their installation soon.


Thank you