NO Internet.

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Ok. So now I am trying the Community Page as I have been unable to obatin a response via the "Contact "Page and Onlien Chats. Quite a shame that we actually can't speak with anyone. 


I had a technician here on Tuesday morning to instal the NBN. The email I had from TPG advised that once the technician was done, we would receive a message and all would be activated within 24 hours. Now I have not recieved any messages. I have had NO internet since Tuesday morning (no NBN or ADSL). 


I have "spoken"with two TPG reps online. Neither could help. Both assured me i was being transferred to another department that could help. This didn't happen on both occasions. 


I have also submitted a complaint via the Customer Relations email. No Response. 


Give that I am paying for a Service that i dont have and have been unable to get ANYONE at TPG to assist, I think this is extremley poor and would definitely not reccomend TPG to anyone. 


I require the lack of Internet Connection reveiwed ASAP and a solution ASAP. 


Hi@morenacharara ,



Sorry to hear you are having trouble contacting us.


Could you please send me a PM (private message) with your CID (customer identication number) or your mobile phone number so can look at this service for you.








Hi@morenacharara ,


On checking your NBN FTTC service is “Change in Progress” from the NBN side. 


You may have received your equipment ahead of time so you can connect it when notified. 


You can check your TPG order  progress:  via your username at


In the meantime  You can try plugging the equipment in: 


  1. Just unplug any existing modem or filter or phones out of sockets. 


  1. Plug in (using the supplied "B" cord) the NBN NCD (White box) to the wall socket.

          This will click away for 15 minutes or so and LEDS should go Blue colour 

          Eventually if service is ok.


If not working, roll back by reconnecting your previous ADSL modem equipment and give it a couple of more days (or when advised) and then try again. 




Watch our short video guide on how to set up your NBN FTTC service. Visit "