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Hi there,
I have my modem and have been charged for my modem and setup fee plus the first month of internet in advance back on the 7th. I still haven’t been activated, I have tried all day Thursday, Friday and Saturday to contact via chat only to have the chat closed by a “support” staff member when I get close to the front of the queue. Saturday I waited on the phone for 40 mins when a staff member finally answered (and yes I understand you’re busy under the circumstances) after fumbling about for 10 mins and saying yes he could fix this then said “just a moment, I’m putting you through to a case manager right away to sort the problem” I then sat on hold for 3 hours, yes 3 hours until I finally hung up. This morning I called the same number and finally got through to someone again only to be hung up on and he made no attempt to call me back so I called and sat on hold for a further hour. During this time I was finally able to raise someone on the chat and wouldn’t you know it, he doesn’t deal with adsl only nbn and would have to email someone from adsl. When I explained the way I’d been treated and to please place an urgency on the email as I needed to hear from them today he said he would... and you guessed it, I never heard from anyone. I have never in my life had to deal with such poor treatment under any circumstances. It seems taking money out of my account and processing that was instantaneous yet when it comes to providing the service paid for in advance there seems to be every issue under the sun. I also have screen shots of everything. I feel like I’ve been fleeced here and it seems I’m not the only one. I don’t want excuses I want what I paid for. Is that too much to ask? Can someone please contact me regarding this issue. Thank you

Hello from TPG,
Thank you for contacting us, for verification purposes can you please send me a private message (PM) by clicking on my name and provide the following information:
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I will reply ASAP on receipt of the above.
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