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No communication NBN HFC install

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I have been trying to get my internet connected for over 2 weeks now. I have a HFC connection and the previous occupant took their NTD box with them. I have receieved all the necessary hardware and the connection is not working. The NTD cannot find a downstream connection. I have been on the phone to TPG everyday this week and have been given the same run around that NBNCo will be contacting me in the next 24 hours, which doesnt ever happen. NBNCo are not contactable for this kind of issue, it's up to TPG to handle it. Im given no more information than this. Like most people these days, I need the connection so I can work. I understand that there is high demand and that there may be delays, but communication around this needs to happen. Every day I am being kept in the dark is another day closer for me switching ISPs. I cant believe you charge people for this kind of service, it's like being sent an electricity bill for a house that has no power. 


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We're sorry to hear about your service activation issue. Nonetheless, we've seek an immediate assistance from our Service Delivery Team regarding this matter and a case manager will be in contact with you before 11AM SYD today via mobile. Kindly keep both NTD and modem connected and powered ON.


Let me know if you require further help.




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Thanks Angeli,


I was able to get on to a contact via the TPG facebook page who was able to get me more information in a timely manner (Thanks Mel). I had a case manager contact me yesterday afternoon who also said they would follow up with me Today.