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ShaneA: 5 Nimary Court Eltham North 3095 account 6573471

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Hi Shane


I previously lived in Richmond 3121 and was connected FTTC using TPG and paying for 50 MBPS in July 2020.


I moved house to my address 5 Nimary Court Eltham North 3095 in January 2021 and found that I only reqiuired my modem and that I was not connected FTTC


I complained to TPG that my speed was only 30 MBPS who explained that I was on the copper telephone lines and 30 MBPS was the limit.  TPG suggested I could opt for the cheaper service, but the limit was only 25 MBPS; I opted to coninue paying for the 50 MBPS service.


My posting on your community tpg site a few months questioned getting "speed boost" and to send a private note to you which I thought I had.


This week on Wednesday January 19, the green NBN cables were being laid on the main roads 100 metres from my house in St Helana Rd and Wallowo Rd St Helana.  I would be most interested if you coild please find out when NBN could be available on my house?




Hi @bigdog88


We checked your address and it shows that you are under the NBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node) technology.


If you are asking if your address can get the pure fibre connection, then there's no information provided by NBN Co.


You may check their Technology choice program if your address can be upgraded to the pure fibre connection.