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Still not connected to NBN

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Just reposting this as I didn’t get a response.

Im still not connected to NBN. We also cannot connect to ADSL 2+

Is it possible the phone line isn’t working?

We just moved into this house a couple of months ago. There is the physical outlet for the phone, but not sure if the line actually works?

Also I have received texts saying connect the modem. And I could be billed.

The modem is connected. I also don’t think I should be billed as I am not yet receiving the service I would be paying for.

Can you connect the NBN without using the phone line? We do not not any land line phone service.

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards,

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Could you please send me a PM (private message) with your CID (customer identication number) or your mobile phone number so can look at this service for you Smiley Happy



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