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TPG Email Alias and The Messaging Company

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I think it means that your TPG email and any aliases have to be ported individually. Which means my wife will have to port her email address using her phone ans password depite it being an alias of my account. So it's going to be my problem talking her through the process.

I'm going to need some good rum to survive this.


How to thoroughly piss off customers bigtime, part 1.


Someone in TPG management needs a prize for this

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This is what TPG has provided me in regards to Alias transfer to TMC.

If you have a main email - let’s call it this will need to be transferred to TMC.

Now if you have several Aliases hanging off - ie, etc - where ALL emails get sent to (one main email account) regardless if someone emails, etc then only needs to be transferred to TMC. The aliases will follow.

However if you have,, setup as seperate email addresses or “Slaves” under the one TPG account - meaning each email address has their own mail box regardless if you have them all under the one account, these will need to be transferred individually to TMC.

Hope this makes sense.


Thanks @bforce, the explanation above is spot on!



Hi @Cappa ,


To answer your question about the Alias migration, yes, associated aliases will migrate over with the mail email address, you do not need to migrate them individually.


If you are however talking about a slave/sub email account, then the answer is each slave email address will require the opt-in processes separately to start with the migration.


In order to differentiate the 2, please see definitions below.


A Slave email is a separate account that has it's own inbox.


An alias is an email address that serves as a nickname identity for your master/main email or slave email account. All the emails sent to your alias email address will be redirected to the same mailbox as the master or slave account.


Kind regards,

Joseph D

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@Angeli wrote:

Hi @DarkHalf


Just to clarify if these email aliases that you are referring to has their own inboxes or if emails that being sent to the aliases are all routed to your main TPG email address?




Hi @Angeli ,


Thank you for your reply and question.


Since my post, I have now received the "TPG has made the decision to stop providing email services in 2023." email for all of my "Alias" or "Slave" addresses.


So, I expect that I will be able to move all of these individually to The Messaging Company.





Hi @DarkHalf ,


Yes, that is right. Just to clarify the associated aliases will migrate over with the mail email address while the Slave E-mail address that has it own separate inbox will require the opt-in processes separately to start with the migration.