Level 2



Your whole system appears to have failed miserably. I cannot make outgoing calls on my mobile., This has been the case for 2 days now.

Your Helpdesk cannot assist me, although they are always very sorry to hear about the problem.

Your hotline is not being answered, and I am being bounced between the two via recorded messages.

Technical staff are unable to make good on calling me back or rectify the problem, and finally, this culminates in your chat-line failing. The only thing that seems to be working is your billing system, which has managed to take my money from my account. What would you recommend, if anything, in this environment of panic and angst? Should I pray for a miracle that you will get your act together, or should I go immediately to another provider who can manage properly with transitioning to their staff working from home?

I have been tolerant till now. My phone is an essential service. Please respond.